Something Quiet and Urgent…

Something quiet and urgent was hanging over the radio this morning soon after I awoke in the darkness at 5:30am.

LAUSD was expected to make an announcement.

It was forthcoming:  a rumor the schools might be closed down here in Los Angeles.

The sun rose, the skies were clear, the winds blew, and it was a cold morning in December, 9 days before Christmas.

Then it was official.

The schools were, indeed, closed.

A bomb threat had been “sent electronically” (how else are communications sent these days?) and over a half million children would not go to school. Which made many of the students happy, but caused those parents, who work at jobs, to work at worrying, about their kids.

Our alerted and nervous minds went to school, where poisons and dangers and societal toxins lined up near the entrance, under the flag, ready to march past the lockers, down the hall and into the classroom. The diversity of fear, one nation under lockdown, forever ready to give up liberty before death.

Internet, Islam and San Bernardino, caution, children, unforeseen terror, substantiated threat, hoax, fear, prayers, moms, guns and explosives.

It was a day of mayoral and school chancellor pronouncements, of the FBI, the White House and the LAPD, all speaking in front of reporters, and the line of authority acting competent when deep down we know that the sick and the violent soul of humankind casts a darker shadow across our nation these days.

No wonder the blurted and un-thoughtful utterances of Mr. Trump lure us into his mad funhouse of revenge and strongman demagoguery. We know or think we know that he knows what we know. When he blurts out what’s on everyone’s minds, we imagine he can fight and win the battle.

In our country, there are many days when children go to school and nobody tells them to go home, but instead someone armed and ill enters a school and kills.

Those are the days we should fear. Those are the days that have already come too many times.

But it is hard to know what to fear first, so paralyzed with dread are we at red blood under the blackboard.

A Twelve-Hundred Crib.

$1600 19th C. Rococco Iron and Crystal Large Chandelier
$1600 19th C. Rococco Iron and Crystal Large Chandelier
$1600 French Style Bunk Bed for Children
$1600 French Style Bunk Bed for Children
$1600 "Children's Sofa"
$1600 “Children’s Sofa”





We were walking in Santa Monica and came across something gross and disturbing. It was called “Restoration Hardware Baby & Child“. Inside this store, there are $1200 cribs, a $1600 “children’s sofa”, fur bedspreads, fur sleeping bags for pre-schoolers, and a $1300 Versailles chair for a child. We ask ourselves (rightfully) about the gun culture in America, yet some of our non-violent spending values and domestic priorities are completely askew.

Something to think about during the Christmas Season.