Some Morning Excitement.




Just some normal Saturday morning excitement of leaving to go to the gym at 8am
and witnessing three Latinos running from a home they had just burglarized.

LAPD showed up within minutes, along with helicopters.

The suspect(s) were caught near Van Nuys Boulevard.

After I took these photos, I was walking near a neighbor’s home and found a discarded Disney credit card that had been stolen and thrown into the bushes. I called the cc company and they said it had already been reported.

LAPD: Sherman Oaks/Van Nuys Residential Burglaries


Van Nuys Burglary Detectives are reporting serveral residential burgalries took place over the weekend in the area of RD991 (Mullholland Drive to Beverly Glen to Valley Vista Blvd. to the 405 Freeway.) All of these took place during daytime hours.

Several other burgalaries also occured in RD966 (Woodwan Ave to the 101 Freeway to Fulton Ave to Chandler Blvd.) Suspects are described at four male Hispanics, 20-25 years old driving a 2004-2007 Totota Camry or Nissan Altima metalic gold in color. Suspects were also discribed as wearing LA Dodger apparel.

In many of these burglaries the suspected enetered through open attached garages which gave them access to the residence.

If you have any additional information please call Van Nuys Burglary Detective Robert Kraus at or 818-374-0031.

Brazen Daylight Residential Burglaries.

This happened at my house in Van Nuys last week. Someone knocked on the door and asked if “Byron” was here. I answered the door (without opening it). I noticed the suspect had  backed up his pickup truck in my driveway.  I captured his license plate. I called the LAPD.

This is from Woodland Hills LAPD:


Advisory Message has been issued by the LAPD – Topanga Station.
Wednesday June 22, 2011 1:24 PM PDT
Information regarding burglaries taking place in the Woodland HIlls area.

Within the past couple of months, Topanga Division has had a string of residential burglaries in Woodland Hills. The suspects in these burglaries have been kicking in the front door of the house when there is no answer to a knock or door-bell ring. Historically, burglaries occur in the daytime when people are at work, as this is when there is a less likely chance that they are going to be seen or caught.

Since there are a number of residents in the area who stay home in the daytime, you may experience or have already experienced a solicitor who knocks on your door. When you open the door, they may appear surprised and come up with a quick response as to why they were at your door such as, “Sorry, wrong residence” or “I’m looking for somebody.” Whatever the excuse is, be cognizant of their description and of any vehicles they arrive/drive away in. They could be casing your house and checking to see if you are home.

A few weeks ago, on Wells Drive and Canoga Avenue, a resident approached the inside of their front door after someone knocked. The victim quietly looked through the peep hole and observed a tall, medium build, male Black wearing a baseball cap standing on her porch. As the victim quietly moved to open the door the suspect kicked it in believing that no one was home. The suspect was then confronted by the victim, and fled from the location.

We believe that the suspects are moving around the area in a vehicle and possibly working as a team of 3-4 people. There will possibly be a “lay off” person who approaches your door, and a “look out” person on the sidewalk or in the vehicle on their cell phone. In the past, the suspects have been known to reverse their vehicle into the driveway of the house and park there, as if they live there. The suspect vehicle has also been known to leave the house and wait down the street while the suspects ransack your property. The suspect’s vehicle will return after they have gathered all your belongings and placed them by the door. The suspects can be male or female.

Be on the look-out for this type of activity and contact 911 if you believe that the suspect could be casing your residence or your neighbors. If it is possible to safely do, please get a license plate number of the suspicious vehicle. Please forward this and any other pertinent information to your Senior Lead Officer. For full details, go to
Contact Information:



Sometime yesterday morning, someone walked up my neighbor’s driveway, opened a wooden gate, and smashed a windowpane on a French door, breaking in and burglarizing the home.

It was creepy, frightening, invasive and disgusting. Nobody was injured, but a computer and a TV were stolen.

The house is so close that I can see the burglarized door from my bathroom window. And I have lived here for ten years and I am keenly aware of the ever-present threat of crime that permeates life in Los Angeles.

Last week someone was shot at the intersection of Sepulveda and Victory. That is considered normal and not even worthy of conversation.

The petty crimes are what I see, the quality of life infractions that drive me crazy. People who sit in their cars and then throw food wrappers and sodas into the gutter. Cars that run red lights. Skratchitti etched into public bathroom mirrors and service station gas pumps. Illegal garage sales that go on 52 weekends a year. People living in the street and people walking the street for sex.

But these are outside of the home. When a stranger invades your house, and burglarizes, you feel diminished, weak, vulnerable, angry and dehumanized.

And though ADT and the LAPD tell you there are ways to fool criminals, we all eventually pay for the lawlessness of our city and neighborhoods.