2009: Thank you.

Danny Kim

Louise Hurvitz

Rick Hurvitz

Pri DeSilva

Lalith DeSilva

Jacque Watkins

Vince Yue

Rod Williams

Kimmin O’Donnell

Tricia Biegel

Manuel Martinez

Art Yanez

Tam Warner

Mark Warner

Todd Hurvitz

Wendy Hurvitz

Elissa Freud

Ann Gerstenfeld

Jerry Gerstenfeld

Paul Gerstenfeld

Ellie Baer

Nikki Coelyn

Gerald Fecht

Beth Rigazio

Brian Crawford

Chris Green

Howard Kenneth

Vijay Sehgal

Ava Hurvitz

Ravi Hurvitz

Cy Kao

Sol A. Hurvitz (1932-2009)

These are some of the names of people who showed kindness, generosity, love and wisdom in the past year and made my life richer and more profound. Thank you.

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